Over 170,000 Water Coolers and Boilers sold tell the story of our success.

This is due to:

  • Next day delivery
  • Outstanding reliability resulting from simplicity and sturdiness of build
  • Innovation such as Coolers with Hot Water Boosting or Sleep Mode to reduce electricity and carbon.
  • Elegant and modern design of Coolers and Boilers at different price points
  • A large range of Cooler Accessories to meet your customers' needs


Refreshingly Different | Innovative Products | Service with a smile

Unique innovations such as:

  • Water Coolers:
  • ArcticRevolution70: A beautifully designed table top Cooler for customers who like subdued elegance
  • SIP Automatic Ozone Sanitisation with Energy and Carbon Saving
  • ArcticStar55Hot & Cold: Hot Water Booster to raise the temperature to 95/96C and an ECO light sensor which turns the Boiler OFF when the office lights are switched off. Saves about 25% in Electricity
  • AA4400FIZZ for Carbonated Drinks
  • FloodGuard Flood Prevention System
  • The only truly “Green” Water Filter
  • Flood Prevention Valve to shut the mains off when not in use
  • Mains Drainage Connection
  • Drip Tray Overflow Kits
  • Cowling to fix Cooler to the wall to protect the back of the Cooler
  • Wall bracket to fix Cooler to the wall
  • Water Boilers and Taps:
  • EZYTAP75 Elegant Touch Pad Tap for mid-size offices with Undersink Boiler for instant Hot and Ambient Water
  • EZYTAP7800 Linking the EZYTAP75 with an Undersink Chiller to provide instant Hot and Chilled Water

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