Water Cooler Accessories

Drip tray options   Flood prevention  
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3 litre overflow kit connects the drip tray to a 3 litre alarmed overflow container.
The container has a tap to empty without removing it.
Factory fitted self-installed.
  10 litre overflow system with alarm to signal when full.
Factory fitted.
  Main drainage system connecting the drip tray to the waste. Factory installed.   A pumped main drainage system pumps the waste water from the drip tray over a distance of 100m and a rise of 5m. Factory installed.   Flood prevention that works!
A flood prevention valve linked to a timer turns the mains water off overnight and at weekends. Comes as part of the installation rail or can be purchased separately.
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Fixing the cooler to wall and floor   POU Installation rail and filters   Conversion kit  
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A strong metal cowling to fix the water cooler to the wall and floor. Self-installed (also available for fountains).   Wall brackets to fit all coolers and fountains. Self-installed.   Installation rail with filter.
Includes compression fitting. 1-Micron Green filter. Water block. Copper pressure reducing valve and non-return valve.
  Green filter housing with carbon block filter and nanofilter. Filter housing. 1-Micron Green filter carbon block candle. Nano filter candle, high viral, cyst, pharma performance.   Easily convertible from bottled to POU. The bottled top includes Spill Guard protection.  
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