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AA Automatic Cooler Sanitising/Disinfecting 24/7

Protect Your Cooler With 24/7 Automatic Sanitising/Disinfection

SIPneo3 sanitises your Floor-Standing Tank Fed POU Coolers 24/7, and at the same can save your customer up to 61% in electricity
The KLARAN WS UVC LED Shield disinfects your Direct Chill/Ice Bank Coolers 24/7
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SIPneo3 Automatically sanitises your cooler instead of you. The resulting hygiene level protects your customers health, whilst SIP sleep mode reduces their electricity bill.
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The KLARAN Shield keeps your Coolers Disinfected 24/7 by destroying 99%+ of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E Coli, Pseudomonas and even Legionella

What does SIPneo3 do?

  • It automatically sanitises your Floor-Standing Tank Fed POU Cooler overnight, every night 24/7.
  • It ensures maximum cooler hygiene and thereby protects young or immune deficient users, as well as the general public
    if the mains supply gets contaminated.
  • By activating SIP 12-hour Sleep Mode from 18.00 to 06.00 plus Sleep Mode on weekends, your customer can make
    significant savings in electricity.
  • A Hot & Cold Cooler without Sleep Mode would use 983KWH per year. With Sleep Mode this reduces to 377KWH,
    a saving of up to 61% at 14p per KWH which would equate to a saving of £85 per year!!
  • The saving for an Ambient & Chilled Cooler, using the same formula saves 56% amounting to £11 per year.

How does SIPneo3 work?

  • SIP pumps tiny bubbles of ozone, which it creates from air (Oxygen), and pumps them into the Coolers water trail.
  • Ozone is a very strong oxidising agent which kills bacteria.
  • Ozonation happens for 10 mins at 3.00am every night 24/7.
  • Ozone has a little smell and taste and is not harmful to humans. Ozone occurs naturally during a thunderstorm when one sometimes can notice a fresh/clean smell
  • SIP Neo3 protects your business by protecting the health of your customers and in the process saves you and them money!

Click below to watch the SIP Video
Which explains the process in graphic detail

Click below to watch the SIPneo3 Installation
Guide For Enigneers & Installers


What does KLARAN UVC LED do and how does the process work?

  • The Klaran UVC LED Shield destroys 99%+ of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli, Pseudomonas and Legionella as the Cooler water passes through the Klaran Processor on its way from the Tank to the Tap.
  • Positioned just in front of the Tap it provides point of dispense disinfection
  • The KLARAN UVC LED Shield automatically disinfects your Direct Chill/Ice Bank Cooler day and night 24/7.
  • This ensures maximum hygiene and thereby protects immune deficient customers and the general public against contamination
  • In contrast to conventional UV light sources and other Sanitising Systems, KLARAN does not use any Mercury or other Chemicals which may produce harmful by-products
  • The KLARAN UVC LED Processor has a tested minimum life span of 5 years and 36.00 activation @ 2ltr/min flow through
  • It is virtually maintenance free
  • The UVC LED Shield is activated by the flow of water and de-activated when the flow stops
  • Simple to install for self-installation into your Cooler Park

The KLARAN WS UVC LED Shield destroys 99%+ of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli, Pseudomonas and Legionella, as the water passes through the Reactor from the tank to the tap.