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3300X & 3300X SIP Cooler

3300X & 3300X SIP Cooler

KLARAN Performance


 Bottled or POU Water Cooler

3300X SIP  

Bottled or POU Water Cooler and SIPneo3
automatic overnight sanitising and sleep mode option

Product Specification
  • Available as a Bottled or POU Water Cooler, including floor standing or table top options
  • Simple Conversion Kit from Bottled to POU or POU to Bottled available
  • Ambient & Chilled and Hot & Chilled options
  • Manual “tamper proof” Push Down Taps and lack of electronics ensures longevity and easy servicing
  • FloodGuard inlet solenoid protects the cooler against large scale flooding
  • 3300X SIP includes 24/7 SIP automatic overnight sanitising to reduce sanitising visits by half
  • 3300X SIP includes SIP Sleep Mode Option to turn the Cooler off overnight. This can save up to 60% in electricity

Floor Standing POU:Height 1135mm / Width 340mm / Depth 340mm / Weight 18kg

Table Top POU:Height 460mm / Width 340mm / Depth 340mm / Weight 15kg

Floor Standing Bottled:Height 1165mm / Width 340mm / Depth 340mm / Weight 18kg

Table Top Bottled:Height 490mm / Width 340mm / Depth 340mm / Weight 15kg

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