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The World's First UVC LED Shield From KLARAN

Brings LED Technology To The Water Industry

The Klaran UVC LED Shield protects Direct Chill Water Coolers from Bacteria, Viruses and other Pathogens  

The Klaran Shield combines UVC wavelength emissions with LED Technology to eliminate 99.99% of Bacteria such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E Coli, Pseudomonas, Legionella and more.

KLARAN Performance

Technical Information


View this 2min Video which explains in graphic detail how the Klaran Shield works,
and how easily it fits into a Direct Chill Water Cooler


Latest research from Crystal IS and Boston University demonstrates that
Klaran UVC LED’s effective wavelength for inactivating the Virus that causes Covid 19

Klaran UVC LED’s emit ultraviolet light in the key germicidal wavelength range
of 260nm to 270nm to inactivate a variety of Viruses, Bacteria and other
Pathogens commonly found in water

KLARAN Performance
Problems of conventional UV Lamps   KLARAN Installation  
The patented and unique UVC LED Technology overcomes the main problems of conventional UV Lamps, which deteriorate in effectiveness over time – and therefore have to be replaced, generally once a year. Worse still, the UV Lamp would remain in situ, but does not do anything.

Conventional UV Lamps contain environmentally very harmful mercury, which more often than not will end up in landfills.
  The Klaran Shield is installed between the Direct Chill Tank and the Dispensing Tap. The UV Shield destroys Bacteria and Viruses as the water passes through the Shield on its way to the Tap. The Klaran UVC LED Shield offers maximum flexibility. It can be supplied factory-installed into any AA First Direct Chill Cooler. It can also be supplied as a Stand Alone Unit for you to Retrofit into your own Direct Chill Cooler Park.  
Traditional UV Lamps       KLARAN UVC KLARAN Retrofit

New UVC LED Technology now finally available to the Water Cooler Industry.
The Klaran UVC LED Shield represents a major breakthrough to ensure safe and healthy
Drinking Water from your Direct Chill Cooler


The fundamental difference between the Klaran UVC LED Shield and conventional UVC Lamps is the LED component. LED has changed the world of lighting, and has now reached the world of Water Coolers. Here are its unmatched vital performances:

  • Consistent UVC LED emission with no risk of deterioration over its life time
  • Contains no Mercury, which has been recognised as environmentally extremely harmful, and is being phased out
  • Requires virtually no Maintenance
  • The Klaran Shield is only activated when water is dispensed. It does not use electricity in between, and does not heat the water by a constantly lit UV Lamp
  • The Klaran Shield has been tested (so far) to have an effective live span of 5+ years or 36.000+ ltrs @ 2ltr/min flow through
  • Klaran are market leaders with over 20 years of experience in in UVC LED Technology

KLARAN Performance

The KLARAN UVC LED Shield is designed to destroy bacteria and viruses to protect your health