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Postcode Scale Checker


Is Scale A Problem In Your Postcode Area?
Use Our Post Code Scale Checker To Find Out!



Hard water affects around 60% of all UK postcodes, mainly - but not exclusively in the south of the country. Hard water, when heated, creates scale. This build up of scale will result in poor boiler performance and eventually in boiler breakdowns.

We have created a Post Code Scale Checker which will tell you how soft or hard the mains water is at your installation site, on a scale of 0-26. Just enter your postcode below and check:

  • 0 - 5 Soft Water - No Scale Filter
  • 6 - 15 Hard Water - Resin Scale Filter, Highly Recommended
  • 16 - 26 Very Hard Water - Must Use A Resin Scale Filter


There are two ways to deal with Scale:

  1. To regularly descale the boiler
  2. To protect the Boiler with a proper Scale REDUCTION Filter. A Resin Based Filter! These are not cheap, and the temptation is to use a low-cost carbon block filter with siliphos beads. Unfortunately, our tests have shown that they are not very effective. Beware, of cutting corners as it may cost you more than you “save”!

    How to protect conventional Hot & Cold Water Coolers from Scale

    Using an expensive Resin Based Scale Removal Filter is uneconomical, not only because of the filter price but also the Resin is consumed by the amount of chilled or hot water passing through it. Regular de-scaling is therefore the only practical option.

    Protecting an EZYTAP 7800 or an ArcticSpring 100C from Scale

    To overcome the problem of consumption of the Resin Based Scale Removal Filter by the amount of chilled water washing through it, we have split the water inlet in our ArcticSpring 100C Cooler and the EZYTAP 7800 between the cold and the hot side. In a hard water area, the hot side can be connected to a resin based scale removal filter, leaving the cold side connected to a carbon filter.

    Protecting dedicated Hot Water Boilers from Scale

    They should always be connected to a Resin Based Scale Removal Filter If installed in a hard water area.